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Pole Alchemy

Learn how to use the fitness Pole as an energetic tuning tool!

Balance your Chakras and Tune your Energy

Strengthen your body and find your POWER!

Join Elevated Existence and gain access to this event!!

Can’t make it on time? The replay lives in the Vault with over 100 other training videos,

courses and tutorials!

This is essential training for Pole Yogis!

Step into your sovereignty and say yes to your enhanced destiny!

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Polistic Plus Exclusive Program; Elevated Existence (Annual)
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Introducing the PX Series

Welcome to the latest evolution of pole! The PX Pro model features a smaller base and the patented X-Lock collar that makes switching between spin and static mode an absolute snap. The patent pending ‘X-LOCK’ mechanism requires no tool to change from Static to Spinning – just a twist of the wrist. Requiring only a turn to switch from static to spinning or back, it takes less than a second and can be done one handed...

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