40 Day Pole Yoga Course

40 Day Pole Yoga Course

40 Day Pole Yoga Course

Create a Pole Yoga Sanctuary at home &
step into the best shape of your LIFE!

Welcome to the evolution of Pole Fitness 


Polistic Plus is the only Pole practice where the Poler never leaves the ground. 

These 52 Pole Yoga poses are designed to bring the body into balance, creating space for more harmony, healing and strength. 

Do you enjoy the finer things in life?

  Are you craving a deeper fitness practice? 

Have you tried meditation? 

Do you want a more fit body

Are you into tuning your own vibration or frequency? 

IF you said yes to any of these, Sign up NOW for this metamorphosis course! 


Jennifer Rollins


I’m Jennifer Rollins and I am excited to share this new way to use the fitness pole with you. 

I lost 55 pounds in one year, practicing Pole Yoga for 30 minutes a week!

If you are looking to level up in life, ascend and be one with the moment, this practice is for you! 

In this 40 day course I am going to teach you how to use the fitness pole as a Yoga Pole and tune into harmony and healing in your body. 

   In these 7 weeks you will transcend from being a beginner, to being a Certified Pole Yogi! 

Unlock Confidence, Strength and Power

In the 40 Day Metamorphosis Course you will learn the mechanics of Pole Yoga, and the 52 poses unique to this practice. You will receive a free copy of the Polistic Plus Pole Yoga Jounral as your companion through this process.

Pole Yoga Guide

You will also have my direct support in this process. I am only signing up a limited number of women for this course, for a more intimate, deeper experience.   

 NO negative self talkers, ONLY action seekers and Positive Energy Creators welcome! 

Practicing Pole Yoga with Jennifer is my favourite part of the week! I feel so uplifted and reconnected after each session! It makes me stronger and more at ease. Pole Yoga is the best workout I have ever tried! 

Charlotte Ruth; mum of 3 

I am a midwife and a widow. When I found Jennifer and the Pole  I was going through some of the biggest changes in my life. Loosing my husband and changing paths later in life isn’t always easy. Pole Yoga gave me strength and confidence. Even after breaking my arm, it helped me recover  faster. I recommend Polistic Plus to MOMS of ALL AGES! 

Angela Stocksdale; mother and grandmother of many 

How has 2020 been for you? 

It has been the best year of my life and this practice is the reason why! 

I just turned 40, I have birthed 4 children and I am in the best shape of my life! 

Consciously balancing the divine feminine and masculine within our body leads to transcendence, unification, and oneness.  

Are you ready to live your highest vibe life? 

Many are stuck in their old thought patterns and way of life. 

Many are stuck in Dis-ease and De-pression. 

I used to be there, too. 

But, then I was awoke to the idea that we can re-tune our energy, physically with the pole. 

The Pole is an energy tuner and your body is the receiver. 

It is a tool for heroes, warriors and goddess’s…. 

IS that YOU? 

Make the first step and sign up now!

Have you already been practicing Polistic Plus and want to teach this practice, too?

This 40 Day course is level 1 in the training for the Pole Practitioner certification program.

Teach virtually, start your own practice or teach at a pole studio!

The sky is the limit once you are a certified Pole Practitioner!

Sign up today and receive 50% off the Pole Practitioner program. This discount is for a limited number of people, so sign up now! This discount opportunity will not last long!