Is Age a factor on the Pole?

People smiling on the fitness pole

Age doesn’t matter when it come to your  pole practice.

The Pole meets you where you are at RIGHT NOW!  The pole is a tool to bring balance, mindfulness and strength into your mind, body and soul.

I have had 1 year old children and 80 year old women on the pole. They ALL had a smile on their face and left the pole feeling a little better! Oh YEAH and none of these pole experiences involved anything sexual or explicit! That thought is only in your mind about WHAT Pole IS and IS NOT!

As long as you can grasp the pole, you can find rejuvenation, pain relief and peace of mind on the Pole. Even if you have to sit on a Yoga ball because you cannot stand, you can still pole.


I’ve helped people of all ages feel better on the Pole! If you are looking for a new way to exercise and balance your body, POLE IS THE ANSWER!  Purchase your pole today and stay tuned for more videos and tutorials on poling at any age!


See you on the Pole!


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