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J. Lo does Pole at the Super Bowl Show! Offensive or Not?

Pole at the Super Bowl Show

Jennifer Lopez broke the internet with her Halftime Pole performance at the Super Bowl.

Was the Pole offensive or not?


Ready to join us on the Pole?

Pole at home with the X-Pole! Official pole of the Super Bowl Half time show, and Polistic Plus’s choice for removable/portable poles!

Don’t have a ceiling that works or want to take your pole outside?

X-Stage Lite
$699.99 – $799.99

 . . .  read more

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Healing addiction with Pole Yoga

Balance negativity with Pole Yoga

Cocaine, sex, money, food, alcohol and the list goes on and on; negative addiction plagued my life on this earth. 

That was until I found Pole Yoga.

10 years ago my mentor taught me about “time” and how we all get the same 1444 minutes . . .  read more

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Sun Salutation on a Pole 

Take your Yoga Practice to the Pole, with Sun Salutation!

Poling can be done at any age, any size and any gender! Yoga Poses are much easier to get into with the help of a pole.

The Sun Salutation is a combination of yoga poses. Add the Pole and the Sun Salutation is done with ease and stability. The Pole allows you to stretch your body even further!

Online courses on Pole Yoga are coming SOON! Put the Pole on your Christmas list today! The first 100 people that purchase a pole from Polistic Plus will receive a free tutorial on the basics of Pole Yoga!

See you on the Pole!



PX Pro Pole

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Lose Weight, Have Fun and Get Fit at Home!

Get fit at home and have fun

Have fun and lose weight at home with Polistic Plus Pole Yoga. Destress, tone and tune your body in less than 30 minutes a week. Never leave the ground!

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Balance your Chakras with Pole Yoga

Balance Chakras with Pole Yoga

Learn how to balance you chakras with Pole Yoga. Jennifer Rollins, developer of Polistic Plus teaches how to use the fitness pole as a healing tool. Join today!

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Heal Seasonal Depression Naturally

seasonal depression

Seasonal Depression affects millions of people every year, Pole Yoga can help!

Winter blues getting you down? There are natural ways to lift your energy during this time!

Jennifer shares how balances seasonal depression naturally.

Do you feel more tired, sluggish and depressed in the winter?

Sometimes . . .  read more

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Pole Yoga on Your Period

Pole fitness on your period

Fitness for your menstrual cycle, Pole Yoga on your Period made easy!

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Mommy & Me Pole Yoga

Mommy & Me

Mommy and Me and Pole Yoga is a new movement practice for the family. Take your Yoga practice to the pole with your child!

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How much space do you need for a pole?

Pole at home

Do you have room for a pole at your house?

Today I go MTV Crib style and invite you into my home in Colorado.

We share . . .  read more

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Heal Addiction Naturally; Quit alcohol, coffee, cigarettes & cocaine with Pole Yoga and fresh juice

Before and after quitting alcohol

I quit alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, and cocaine by replacing them with Pole Yoga and fresh squeezed juice.

Addiction is a taboo subject.

We have to talk about it, because our addictions . . .  read more