Overcome depression with Pole Yoga 30 minutes a week!

Do you feel weak, out of shape, under valued and deflated?

Has depression and anxiety gotten in the way of your goals and dreams?

When this picture was taken just a little over a year ago was I in the worst mental state of my life. I do understand not liking the body you are in at the moment.

But Guess what?

There is a way out and I’m not talking about take a magic pill, quick fix kind of way.

This way is an uncommon way and takes having an open mind to try something brand new.

Our emotional health, stems from the health of our entire eco-system; our bodies. Take care of the whole body, not just one part that is out of balance.

Pole Yoga balances the body on all levels.

Spiritual, physical, emotional, sexual, and mental.

You are worth the investment. You are worth the time. You are not promised tomorrow and if you are lucky enough to live until tomorrow your kids and family deserve a balanced, happy mom.

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I am here to help you CHOOSE your addictions and daily habits. Together we can craft a plan to unlock your inner magic and take you over the rainbow to your highest good!

Don’t wait until tomorrow, buy your pole, and book your appointment with me.

I had the pole for 5 years before I developed this way to integrate yoga and holistic way of life with it. Then, after I developed it life happened and deep tragedy struck my life. It was the pole that saved my life from depression and helps me to this day with general anxiety and juggling all that comes with being human. The only person I can change is me, the only person you can change is YOU.

I am on a mission to help moms heal. I know the real life, butt cleaning struggles moms face. It is in my 30 minute pole yoga practice time that I recharge, and refuel for my family and community.

I am ready to help you level up! Book your consultation or private pole yoga session here> https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=16344080  

I have 2 businesses, 4 kids, 2 dogs, 1 pot bellied pig, 2 cats, a school bus we are converting, a pole yoga bus i’m dreaming of and so much more happening. I will make time to help you, BUT you have to HELP YOURSELF FIRST!

My business’s are taking me on the road and my time is limited so call me now while I still have spots open on my calendar. I want to help you LEVEL UP in your life! YOU CAN HAVE the life of your dreams!


I hope so! Sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side. Just ask someone who almost took their own life. Living here on earth really can be a pleasurable experience!

Have the day of your choice and I will see you at the pole!

P.S. Check out this video of Victoria and I practicing Pole Yoga. This is the only pole yoga practice you don’t have leave the ground for! Totally balanced and safe the whole time!


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