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Heal Addiction Naturally; Quit alcohol, coffee, cigarettes & cocaine with Pole Yoga and fresh juice

Before and after quitting alcohol

I quit alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, and cocaine by replacing them with Pole Yoga and fresh squeezed juice.

Addiction is a taboo subject.

We have to talk about it, because our addictions . . .  read more

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Yogini tries Pole Yoga

Kate Bear Fossil

Kate Bear Fossil is a mother, artist, lover and Yogini. If you have a foundation in yoga you will LOVE Pole Yoga. Like Kate says there are places you can get with pole, you just can't reach without!

Join and us on the Pole to take your yoga practice to the next level! This is a new Pole Fitness you use the "Stripper pole" with. Practice at any age!

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Build Self Confidence with Pole Yoga

How is your self confidence? Did you see J. Lo at the Superbowl and see yourself on the pole? Polistic Plus Pole Yoga is a new and and exciting Pole Fitness practice. Join the Pole movement today!

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Join the 52 Pole Yoga Pose Challenge

Pole Yoga

Join the 52 Pole Yoga Pose Challenge today! Video yourself practicing all 52 poses and upload! #polehero Balance, tone and tune the body with this brand new pole fitness.

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Pole yoga with my Son

pole yoga with mom

My son grew up practicing Pole yoga with me. Having a pole in the house has been the norm for my kids.

Maybe you think “stripper pole” when thinking of the pole.

Think of a Yoga Pole instead.

There is nothing sexual or obscure about stretching on a pole.

Humans . . .  read more

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Healing addiction with Pole Yoga

Balance negativity with Pole Yoga

Cocaine, sex, money, food, alcohol and the list goes on and on; negative addiction plagued my life on this earth. 

That was until I found Pole Yoga.

10 years ago my mentor taught me about “time” and how we all get the same 1444 minutes . . .  read more

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Healing Depression with Pole Yoga

Jennifer Rollins, Pole Practitioner

Heal Depression Naturally with Pole Yoga. Polistic Plus Pole Yoga is a new way to practice Pole Fitness.

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Pole Yoga for Work at Home Moms!

Karrie Loar is a work at home mom of 3 children, wife and a successful artist that owns her own company. She also home schools! Several years ago she bought a pole and we did a brief Pole Session. She loved playing on the pole, but after moving and life happening, she took her pole down.  Karrie went a year undiagnosed with Lyme Disease. The tick born illness took a toll on her body she was not prepared for. Then this last March her daughter had to have emergency brain surgery. To say she has her plate full is an understatement. Her muscles have seized up from the stress and Lyme and she is in constant pain. Karrie has a difficult time even touching her toes without wincing in pain.  We talked before the session about her restrictions and modified the poses as we went.

As you can see here, even with all of the physical limitations, Karrie is still a bad ass on the pole. She moved through each pose with breathing and focusing on her spine alignment.

Working with women like Karrie is WHY I AM TEACHING POLE TODAY!

You don’t have to be fit, or skinny, or young, or in perfect health to start a Pole Practice. You don’t even have to have a lot of extra TIME! Doing just a few Poses a week will align your spine, balance your energy and build core strength. Finding a spot to relax and become present is often a daunting task for us moms. Pole is a place we can work it all out, be free and find a moment to focus on our own bodies.

This evening Karrie called me and she is putting her pole back up. She found relief from her pain today and I’m grateful she is taking the steps to self care and being the best she can be! She is starting her own Pole Practice at home now!

Order your Pole now to start your OWN Pole Practice. Now that the Pole  Studio is ready to film in we have some great content coming your way. Follow us on YouTube for LIVE Updates and Free Tutorials on HOW TO USE your Pole in your own home!

Thanks for visiting!

See you on the Pole!


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