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40 Day Pole Yoga Course

40 day pole yoga course

Are you ready to learn this evolutionary, fitness practice? 

 Polistic Plus Pole Yoga is an infusion of modern Pole fitness and ancient Yoga practices. 

Join Today!

What you are becoming in the next 40 Days? 

Become a Pole Yogi in your own space, in your own time. 

40 sessions delivered . . .  read more

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Balance your Chakras with Pole Yoga

Balance Chakras with Pole Yoga

Learn how to balance you chakras with Pole Yoga. Jennifer Rollins, developer of Polistic Plus teaches how to use the fitness pole as a healing tool. Join today!

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Heal Seasonal Depression Naturally

seasonal depression

Seasonal Depression affects millions of people every year, Pole Yoga can help!

Winter blues getting you down? There are natural ways to lift your energy during this time!

Jennifer shares how balances seasonal depression naturally.

Do you feel more tired, sluggish and depressed in the winter?

Sometimes . . .  read more