Cure Text Neck

Are you suffering from “text neck” or “hump back syndrome?”

I was too, until I began my Pole Yoga practice.

Living with a hump back can be embarrassing, I don’t even have a good photo of how extreme the hump was because I didn’t want to see it and believe that this was my body.

I didn’t want to wear a backless shirt because you could see the hump. Even in t-shirts you could notice it.

I wasn’t even 40 and already getting called grandma! I was leaning forward more and more each day.

Do you know the pain of living with this syndrome? If so, this isn’t your fault and you are not alone.

But, there is hope.

I love my back now and the hump is gone away!

Our fast moving society is full of technology and most of those motions are pulling our shoulders inward.

Busy working moms are especially at high risk for this syndrome; feeding the baby, doing the chores, picking up after the kids, cooking, driving, cell phones, computers… all of the day to day to tasks that it take to run our families is wrecking havoc on our bodies.

We go from the time we wake up, until the time we go to bed, and most of the time something is pulling us forward.

There is a magical tool that will help you cure your hump back, at home, with ease and in a little amount of time.

Polistic Pole Yoga is a brand new way to use the fitness pole to stretch the body into alignment.

Chiropractors can tell you that “text neck” is now at pandemic levels.

With the move to work from home, school from home, play from home, all on our devices, our bodies are paying the price.

The tool technology is taking is directly on our spines, in turn weakening our core, which is our power center.

You can cure text neck with by practicing these simple poses.

Get your free copy of the Polistic Pole Yoga Guide HERE and get started learning these techniques today!

I am sooo passionate about sharing this program because every body worker that I talk to is telling me about how spine and back problems are plaguing our society.

You can easily install your own fitness pole at home and start using it today.

You will see INSTANT results within ONE 30 minute session.

RELIEF is on its way!

Put your Yoga Pole in your office or your bedroom.

It only takes the space of 2 yoga mats, since we stay grounded the entire time.

Think of Pole Yoga like Thai Chi with a pole.

You have more balance, more stability, you can stretch deeper and hold yourself safer.

It’s like physical therapy on the playground for adults!

But, hey, kids LOVE practicing Pole Yoga, too! So, does my husband!

Pole Yoga IS gentle therapy that works to tone the muscles and stretch the ligaments into proper alignment for your highest health.

I am certain you are going to LOVE Pole Yoga so much so I give away my book for free to anyone who needs it! Grab your Copy Here!

Pole Yoga saved my life when I was almost 200 pounds, hump backed, depressed, and unmotivated. I hated being “in” my body and I never want ANYONE to feel what I did back then.

I LOVE my hour glass shaped body now. I am firm in all the right places and soft and sweet in all the right places.

I love feeling pleasure and expressing that through movement on the pole.

Since we never leave the ground, you can practice fully clothed.

We also practice bare feet for grounding and centering.

Every week I teach live in the Pole At Home Program on Zoom. Join the program now to unlock the benefits of Pole Yoga in your own space.

You also gain access to the Vault with everything you need to get your spine straightened out, right at home.

There are over 100 Full Pole Yoga sessions in the vault with sessions from 15-45 minutes! It doesn’t take much time to tune up!

You also unlock the Metamorphosis Course where you embark on your self transformation journey to becoming a Pole Yogi.

After you complete the 40 day course you will get your certification to display in your pole sanctuary.

When you join the program I will mail you a signed copy of the Pole Yoga guide, along with a few crystals from my favorite Quartz Crystal Mine in Arkansas as your FREE GIFT!

Pole Yoga is helping people heal and feel better! Stephanie suffered breast implant illness and hurt all over her body. Her posture has increased and so has her overall strength and flexibility since having her implants removed and becoming a Pole Yogi.

Stephanie is now on her way to teaching this practice because she loves it so much. Recently after taking a trip without her Pole she said she will never travel without one again! It is a MUST have tool all the time!

Join Stephanie and the other Pole Yogis who have made Pole Yoga a way of life.

Because let’s face it, getting in the best shape AND staying the best shape of your life is a lifelong journey.

The pole will be with you from now until the grave. This is a lifelong practice that adds years to your life.

Once you unlock the secrets you will have this tool any time for your own therapy and healing.

Yes, it is a new way of thinking,

To use a stripper pole for personal growth and healing.

This isn’t about stripping for someone else, this is about stripping away the layers of ourselves that no longer serve us.

When you cure text neck you create new pathways for creativity.

When you walk around with your head held high and your shoulders strong the world bows to you.

Stand tall and walk in your greatness.

Namaste at the pole,

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