Fitness practice to ease back pain; Pole Yoga

Sisters try Pole Yoga and find that less back pain is one of the perks of the practice!

Brittany and Kortni try a Pole Yoga session.

I love sharing this practice and seeing people vibrate at their highest potential!

When was the last time you really stretched?

Or stood on your head?

Are you brave enough to step outside of your comfort zone?

Join me at the pole and let’s elevate this place together!


Don’t waste this life being bogged down by your body.

Take this key and unlock your highest potential.

You only need the space of a yoga mat to practice Pole Yoga.

We use the wall and pole together for handstands.

It is really easy to get started!

Pick your pole and grab the poster!

Unlock the growing library of Pole Yoga videos

Take the next step and meet me at the Pole!

Jennifer Rollins, Pole Practitioner of Pole Yoga

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