Heal diastasis recti with Pole Stretching. 

Hi there! In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Jennifer, developer of Polistic Plus Pole Yoga.  These photos were taken 6 months apart. Pole yoga is helping me heal diastasis recti, balance my body, mind and energy.

Here’s my journey in a nut shell!

I developed Polistic Plus in 2009.

Between 2009-20018 my life changed a lot. Breast implant removal surgery, a tubal ligation reversal to have my 4th child and a trauma that resulted in 2.5 years of deep depression.

January 20, 2018 I began a new journey of healing. I weighed 175 pounds (that’s more than I weighed the day I birthed all 4 of my babies), I was just coming out of a nervous breakdown and more than anything I was in pain. Physical and emotional pain plagued my days.  I never had trouble “loosing weight” or keeping a positive outlook.  I’ve been studying spirituality and conscious living since I was 19. I have coached people and helped them reclaim their life, and I was on the brink of death. Looking back on photos I feel like I was “disoriented” then. I forgot who I am.

It wasn’t like I had a great awakening this time to get started, I just knew I had to do something. Pole and fresh live juice have been the core of my counsel for years. I knew if I began those two things I would see some movement in my life. I had 4 kids and a loving husband. I didn’t want to die. In my younger years I would go extreme with “diets.” I wasn’t going to do that this time. I started with one juice a day, and pole once a week for 25-30 minutes.

I had minor diastasis recti after my 3 children,  but it didn’t bother me to much then. What really impacted my core muscles was the tubal ligation reversal. I still do not have feeling around the large scar. Since my 4th child was born diastasis recti, fat and stretch marks rendered my belly a squishy ball.  Abs, what abs? I was weak In my core. My immune system was weak. My emotional state was chaos. I believe all of these elements effect the other.

(Photo taken in July 2017, and I cannot believe I’m about to put it on the internet!)

Pole yoga has helped me balance my entire being.

I have strength in my core, the diastasis recti is closing, and my emotional state is much more stable.

I know my core will never be what it was I was 19 before children. Diastasis recti can’t ever be totally “cured,” and I’m Ok with that. I birthed 4 babies, and had 2 miscarriages. My womb has housed life. The marks are memories of those sweet days. I also know, that with a dedicated Pole Practice, my strength can be stronger than it was when I was 19!

There are 52 core poses that make up Polistic Plus. Each pose offers limitless variations. This means even if you weigh 250 pounds, you can find relief on the pole.

Pole yoga is done barefoot, on the ground.  This type of pole yoga is unlike any other movement practice.

I’ve had the fitness pole since 2004. All 4 of my kids love it. Pole yoga is fun for the whole family.

The pole is a stretching and energy balancing tool.

Developing a pole practice will change your life.

I’ve had 100% positive feedback from my clients.

If you are suffering from diastasis recti, try pole yoga. I know surgery and physical therapy can quickly ad up. The pole is an inexpensive investment that will last a lifetime.

Now I’m not saying the pole will come into your bedroom and magically make you have rock hard abs over night. It takes commitment and dedication.  I have also cleaned up my food intake and that’s critical to healing. But, I’ve taken my pole practice pretty easy. I’ve kept the commitment of one pole session, once a week for at least 20 minutes. Some weeks it felt  like a huge success just getting in 20 minutes a week. Especially when I first began.

My pole practice is my space. It’s my time. I do pole with my kids, but only when I’m done with my pole session. Closing the door to my family was very difficult for me when I in the depression. I didn’t want to be alone with my thoughts, and I felt like I was such a horrible person, I didn’t deserve to take care of myself.

Healing my diastasis recti with the pole wasn’t something I set out to do. I didn’t get back on the pole to get a hot body or work on my abs. I got back on to heal emotional wounds, and the physical transformation has been a bonus.

If you are like me, a mom, a working mom, that’s gone through some shit, and you are looking for some relief, I whole heartedly recommend pole yoga to help you transform your life.

The pole is a healing tool. If you are interested in buying your own pole, I’d love it if you purchased through Polistic Plus. I am an authorized dealer with X-pole. X-pole is the number one pole manufacturer in the world. The removable poles leave no mark on your ceiling or floor. They are easy to travel with and come with a handy case. Order your pole here: PX Pro Pole

NX Series X-Pert Pole close up

It is my mission to help women transform, from the inside out with pole yoga.

There is a goddess living within each and every one of us. We must feed a cultivate an atmosphere in our life that allows the best of who we are to shine.

You are not alone. You’re stretch marks and flabby belly DO NOT define you. We are women, birthers of life.  We are healers. First, we must heal our selves. Find gratitude for your body. It’s a n incredible machine that takes us everywhere we go. Give your body the gift of pole yoga.

Join me on the pole and find out what living life at your highest vibration feels like!


P.S. Contact me to today to begin YOUR Transformation! Set up a free 30 minute consultation to see if we are a good fit. It is my passion and purpose to help other moms feel great again after having a baby, or life trauma. Mom’s take care of so many, pole is a way to take care of them. With a pole practice you change your life, from the inside out. Where real, lasting change begins. Let’s connect!

May your day be better today, than it was yesterday!


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