Healing addiction with Pole Yoga

Balance negativity with Pole Yoga

Cocaine, sex, money, food, alcohol and the list goes on and on; negative addiction plagued my life on this earth. 

That was until I found Pole Yoga.

10 years ago my mentor taught me about “time” and how we all get the same 1444 minutes in a day. She would ask me “how are you spending your time?” 

Jennifer shares overcoming addiction with a Pole Yoga practice.

Choosing our addictions raises our awareness and brings us into the moment. 

When we are fully aware, our choices reflect. 

Our body is a vessel for the divine to flow through. 

The pole is a portal to align the vessel with the divine at a higher vibration. 

Step to the pole, and step to your destiny. 

What addictions, self limitations and negativity are holding you back?

Make a commitment to yourself to choose positive addictions. 

You are worth it! 

The world is waiting on you!

Take the step to your highest vibration and begin your pole journey today. 

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