Healing Diastasis Recti with Pole Yoga

I experienced Diastasis Recti after my 3rd child, and even worse after the fourth.

The 52 Poses in the Polistic Plus Pole Yoga Guide helped me heal and I am so excited to share this with you!

Diastasis Recti is separation of the abdomen muscles, most common during and after pregnancy. Common exercises like crunches and heavy weight lifting are not recommended to help heal the separation. If you think you have Diastasis Recti please consult a health care professional.

If you are looking for a natural way, outside of surgery to help correct the diastasis recti consider pole yoga.

Polistic Plus Pole Yoga is a brand new way to use the fitness pole. This way is open to all genders and sizes as the Poler never leaves the ground.

The pole is turned into a sanctuary, a scared space of healing and inner connection.

It is used simply as a balance and stability tool.

In traditional yoga many of the poses are difficult to practice alone, and in traditional pole dance/fitness the Poler uses the pole to come off the ground.

Polstic Plus is a fusion of pole fitness and yoga.

Have you had a child and feel lost in your new body?

Are you living in your highest vibration?

Do you still look pregnant even though you had the baby 2 years ago?

Pole Yoga could be your answer!

Check out this video about Diastastis Recti and how pole yoga has helped me heal.

Order your own pole TODAY! The X-pole can be taken up and down with no tools! They leave no marks and can go from room to room as you move.

Order today and receive a free copy of the Polistic Plus Pole Yoga guide.

The 52 Pole Yoga poses work together to balance the mind, body and spirit.

Choose any of the 52 poses and hold each pose for 12 counts.

Practice for 30 minutes a week.

Share the pole with your partner and kids, too!

Having a Yoga Pole is the most fun thing to have at your house!

Join me in the pole revolution!

Your future self thanks you!

See you at the pole!

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