How much space do you need for a pole?

Pole at home

Do you have room for a pole at your house?

Today I go MTV Crib style and invite you into my home in Colorado.

We share our room with our 5 year old daughter so we are tight on space.

Even with a small room you still have enough space for a pole.

If you have room for a yoga mat you have room for a pole!

Choose your favorite!

Practice Pole Yoga anywhere with the X-Pole portable pole.

This is perfect for wonky ceilings or taking your practice outdoors!

Nothing feels better than Pole Yoga in nature!

Pole Yoga in nature
Pole Yoga on top of the world

Transform your life with the 52 Pose Pole Yoga Challenge!

Practicing these poses, consistently will change your life!

Join the pole movement today!

Unlock the Pole Yoga Library

Don’t let hindsight show you up!

This is YOUR calling!

Put your body first with Pole Yoga!

Meet me at the pole!

Jennifer Rollins, Pole Practitioner of Pole Yoga
Jennifer Rollins

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