Foundations of Pole Yoga

Foundations of Pole Yoga

Polistic Plus Pole Yoga is the evolution of Pole Fitness.

There are some important tips you need to know before you begin your pole journey.

This beginners video cuts years off your learning curve with the pole!

I am here to help you learn this in practice and begin your Pole Yoga journey today.

Learn to Pole Yoga at Home

Ready to take the next step?

The X-Pole requires NO TOOLS and leaves NO MARKS!

What’s holding you back?

What are you ready to express?

How often do you spend time caring for your own body?

There is only one person responsible for where you are today, and where you are going tomorrow.

Be the Hero of your life and take control of your health.

Meet me at the Pole,

Jennifer Rollins, Pole Practitioner of Pole Yoga

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