I got BANNED from Tik Tok and Facebook for THIS Video of How I Survived Breast Implant Illness!

Earlier this week I made a video of what my body looked like with Breast Implant Illness.

The video got me BANNED from the social media platform Tik Tok.

Here is the video!

I also did a live on Facebook and they have now removed the entire event, as well as the LIVE video. View that video for the full story.

This is very intimate for me.

I am sharing to help shine a light for other women who may be suffering with Breast Implant Illness now, and to show women what could happen if they decide to get these toxic devices.

Here is a copy of the book I published earlier this year telling the full story

Photo journal included as well as stories from other women who survived breast implant illness. Includes a 50 page journal with prompts to help you through the process of Explanting Breast Implants

A percentage of the proceeds go to help other women heal from breast implant illness.

Here is the video that was removed from Facebook! Go to YouTube to view it!

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