Join the 52 Pole Yoga Pose Challenge

Pole Yoga

Be the hero of your life and step to the pole today! 

 These 52 Pole Yoga Poses are designed to balance, strengthen and tone the body. 

Take the challenge and practice the 52 Pole Yoga Poses today!

Take the Challenge today! #Polehero

 The new Polistic Plus poster is the perfect tool for this challenge.

  Poling is much easier with the full size poster. 

 It takes about 25 minutes to go through each pose.  

Remember to hold each pose for the 12 counts. 

 If you don’t have the poster download the pdf to your computer or even your phone.  

I think it’s much easier than using the guide, turning each page. 

 Remember, there is also the 52 Pole Yoga Pose playlist on YouTube. 

 Find a breakdown of each pose there.  

Set up your video camera ( love the time lapse on the iphone) and video yourself practicing the 52 poses. 

Post a video of you practicing the 52 poses, remeber to #Polehero 

These 52 poses help me shed 55 pounds in one year, and maintain for 2 years now!

My goal is to share this practice with a million moms. 

Why? Because mom are the heart of our homes and my mom used to say “if momma ain’t happy, nobody is happy!” 

Moms are most often overworked and underpaid. 

Our days go by and how much time do we devote to taking care of our very own bodies? The one body that is the vessel of caring for so many others. 

Taking TIME to connect with our bodies is so important. 

Study after study shows the positive effects of meditation and movement on the body. 

I started fitness classes with mom in 6th grade. That’s 30 something years ago! 

My science teacher, Miss Watkins was the teacher. 

It was at the biggest gym in our town, Summer hill. 

I fell in love with moving my body that day. 

The blood flowing, my heart pumping, it felt so good to move my body and smile with my mom. 

Now, I get the joy of moving my body with my kids on the pole and sharing it with other people!

People of all ages love pole yoga

It is that joy I bring to sharing this practice with you. 

Give yourself the gift of 30 Pole Yoga a week. 

Be your own hero. #Polehero

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Pole Yoga at home is so easy with Polistic Plus.

Still haven’t installed your pole? What are you waiting on?

2020 is in full swing! The time is now! If you have read this far, that means there is a calling in your soul to step to the pole.

Go for it.

It feels better than sex, drugs and rock and roll! Trust me, I know!

Lifestyle related deaths are the number one reason humans in the United States die.

What you do today, ads to your tomorrow.

You are either running to the grave, or slowly enjoying your way there.

The pole is your place to go.

Unwind, repair, tone and build.

It is waiting, and I am here to help.


Take the next step and meet me at the pole.


Jennifer Rollins, Pole Practitioner of Pole Yoga
Pole Practitioner

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