Pole yoga with my Son

pole yoga with mom

My son grew up practicing Pole yoga with me. Having a pole in the house has been the norm for my kids.

Maybe you think “stripper pole” when thinking of the pole.

Think of a Yoga Pole instead.

There is nothing sexual or obscure about stretching on a pole.

Humans have used the pole for centuries to train and tune the body.

The pole is a stabilizing and stretching tool.

Kaden grew 6 inches in one summer! He suffered with pain from rapid growth.

Practicing Pole Yoga is helping him grow with less pain and more flexibility.

The pole isn’t just a tool for moms. It’s a tool for the whole family.

Child climbing pole.
Kaden, age 6 holding the pole, upside down!

My kids love climbing and playing on the pole when their friends come over.

They pretend the be firemen rescuing people!

It is a bonus that the pole is a valuable, fun tool for the kids, too!

Every mom needs a pole.

You deserve one.

Take your 30 minutes a week for yourself, then share 30 minutes of pole yoga with your child.

It is a bonding experience full of fun, strengthening, stretching and breathing!

Begin today!

Install your pole and meet me to stretch to new heights!

Jennifer Rollins, Pole Practitioner of Pole Yoga

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