Pole Alchemy 3 Day Event


Activate alchemy in your life with this exciting 3 day event! 

“Enhance Your Destiny”

3 Days to a more in tune, aligned and  powerful version of you! 

Use the Pole as a sacred alter to tap into your potential, strengthen your body, define your purpose and have the power to receive your highest good! 

Join Jennifer Rollins, Pole Practitioner as she leads you through this process of self discovery, onto your path of purpose. You will use Pole Yoga, guided journaling, self massage and other holistic, esoteric modalities to uncover what is hidden. 

Step into your power over your destiny! 


Join this epic 3 day event to turn your Pole space into a sacred alter of alchemy. 

Learn the techniques to transmute trauma, release negative thought patterns  and uplift to your highest frequency! 

You must have a pole and passion to live a purpose driven life. 

This is a nonrefundable event. Once you have paid, services are considered rendered. 


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