Polistic Plus Exclusive Program; Elevated Existence (Annual)


Enjoy Polistic Pole Yoga for 365 days!

Sculpt your body, tune your energy and tone your muscles with this one of a kind fitness program.

You are unique, your fitness practice should be too!

This is for one year in Elevated Existence.


Unlock confidence, harmony and bliss by becoming an exclusive Polistic Plus member today!

Enjoy the benefits of community, live weekly Pole Yoga sessions, live trainings, access to the Vault with a large growing library (including the Metamorphosis Course, Pole Alchemy, Healing Weak Pelvic Floor Series, Poling with your partner, Mommy and Me sessions and so much more)  discounted courses and opportunities to expand your existence to new heights!

Become a Pole Yogi when you complete the 40 Day course in the Vault!

Need monthly payments? Find them here! https://polisticplus.com/product/polistic-plus-premiere-membership/




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