Somatic Embodiment Experience

What is a Somatic Embodiment Experience and what does that have to do with our Tantric Tuesday Pole Yoga session tonight?

MMMMM Hello friend, I am here to expand your mind a bit about this new way to use the fitness pole for greater overall health.

So come along with me for a moment as we expand.

We are a WHOLE UNIT, ONE BEING. We exist on a 3d level as bones, muscles etc, and we exist on an unseen energetic level as well.

Trauma lives in our body.

Even emotional trauma.

Those hurt words a co-worker said to you last week could literally be the thing causing your sinus infection this week.

Our energy and our bodies are connected as one.

There are several types of somatic therapies that bring the mind and body into a connected state to help heal the trauma, clear it out if you will.

This brings the person into an overall greater experience in their body.

Here is what says about Somatic Therapy:

“A modality grounded in the mind-body connection, somatic psychotherapy is the largest branch of somatic psychology. Contemporary practitioners of somatic therapy believe that viewing the mind and body as one entity is essential to the therapeutic process. This mind/body entity will move toward healing and growth of its own accord, given the right environment, and interpersonal interactions, when conducted in a safe and respectful manner, can positively impact and help regulate the mind/body.”

In Pole Yoga we connect with mind and body through the pole and our breath work.

Now, what does tantra have to do with this?

Well, Pole Yoga is a blend of many Yoga’s and tonight we are pulling from the “Pink Tantra” bucket of Yoga.

Here is what has to say about Pink Tantra:

Key elements pink tantra

  • Path of both hands (!).
  • Individual and duo practice – which can also be practiced in a group.
  • Love and consciousness are needed. Starts with breathing, awareness of conditioning. Lovingly embracing everything that is there. Nothing has to be fixed.
  • Aimed at loving connection – The opposite sex is unmasked as the prime object for projection and a source of learning and expanding. Union is still the aim, polarity the means, unity with your inner men/women the result.
  • Meditations and Rituals are heart-oriented. Highly intimate and energetic. Expanding.
  • Awakening lust/love/life energy is key, all chakras participate. Balancing energies.
  • There’s no mastery to attain. It’s a growth path in love and consciousness.
  • Focus on love/life energy. Integration and transformation of emotional and sexual energy.
  • Best known for loving duo meditations and ecstatic (evening) rituals.

Tonights session is all about expanding love, connecting the mind and body with at the infinite Pole portal we call home.

Do you want more flow, more ease, more connection, more pleasure? Then join the launch of this new series tonight at 8:30 pm cst.

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