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Pole Yoga on Your Period

Pole fitness on your period

Fitness for your menstrual cycle, Pole Yoga on your Period made easy!

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Mommy & Me Pole Yoga

Mommy & Me

Mommy and Me and Pole Yoga is a new movement practice for the family. Take your Yoga practice to the pole with your child!

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Heal Addiction Naturally; Quit alcohol, coffee, cigarettes & cocaine with Pole Yoga and fresh juice

Before and after quitting alcohol

I quit alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, and cocaine by replacing them with Pole Yoga and fresh squeezed juice.

Addiction is a taboo subject.

We have to talk about it, because our addictions . . .  read more

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Adventure Pole Yoga, Pole Yoga at 10,000 feet

Pole yoga in Colorado Rocky Mountains

Adventure Pole Yoga takes the Pole into nature!

We took the pole to 10,000 feet in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Poling . . .  read more

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Yogini tries Pole Yoga

Kate Bear Fossil

Kate Bear Fossil is a mother, artist, lover and Yogini. If you have a foundation in yoga you will LOVE Pole Yoga. Like Kate says there are places you can get with pole, you just can't reach without!

Join and us on the Pole to take your yoga practice to the next level! This is a new Pole Fitness you use the "Stripper pole" with. Practice at any age!

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Foundations of Pole Yoga

Foundations of Pole Yoga

This new way to use the fitness pole is open to anyone! In Polistic Plus Pole Yoga the poler never leaves the ground. The "stripper pole" is turned into a balancing, healing tool. This practice is unlike any other! Balance your chakras, increase energy, build muscle and lose weight!