To Feel Connected

Do you long to feel Connected?

Do you ever feel like you and your body are separate?

Like your going one way and your body is going another?

That disconnect is a shadow.

Practice Be-ing in your body. Practice Be-ing fully present. Practice Be-ing energetic. ELECTRIC.

How? What? When? Where? DO u Practice?


Go. to the Pole.

Step inside the portal.

Be brave.

Set the timer.

Play music if you need, too; BUT; However

Silence is Golden.

Choose your guides wisely.

Every ounce of effort you display towards a thing, CREATES THE FUCKING THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Believe in yourself and stop judging yourself.

You are no more than then the elf on the shelf being played like a puppet from your past stories.

Tell the Goddamn mover to STOP touching you and allow YOUR legs to do the Fucking walking.

You are an unlimited being with ebbing and flowing of ROARING ENERGY pulsing though you.

Take off your pretty coat, throw that shit in the mud and waller around in the abyss of your FANCY mess and then walk. the. fuck. away.

STAND UP. TALL. NAKED in your truth.

Do you understand what I am saying?

Remove the projections of the CULTure and STEEP in YOU.

Turn off the phone.

Turn off the tv.

Turn off the social media.

Turn off the random Goddamn noise in your brain

and make room for the GODDESS to step in and make manifest your desires and dreams and reality and expansionness for once you LIONESS!

There are false idols and sinners that have taken seat in your brain.

When you recognize them, DO not JUDGE them, merely TRANSMUTE them with your GLARE, your epic stare only a women can possess.

Cast them out and transmute them in the flames of love from the mothers heart.

They perish like a dove flying away in the night.

Gentle my sister, my mystical, blessed, blessing of a woman gliding on this hEarth.

It is your intuition, your foresight that the masculine craves, and it is his protection and power that you thirst for.

We belong together, in union, and it is only through polarity where this happens.

Steep into your DiViNine FeMiNine and allow the DiViNine MaScuLine to steep into his.

It is an honor for you to be here now.

You are cherished for all you bring to this place.

The perMission to BE BeAutiful is YOURS.

Transcend the limits you inherited.

Bless them for they have served you well.

The new dawn has arrived.

Who is your master now?

Have you learned the Codes of this new Era?

There are so many landing on Earth now, some days its best to simply REST.

Do you EVEN know how, though?

to realllly sink into surrendering to expansion into greater realms?

How can you go from playing with a toy boat in the kiddie pool to chartering a yacht without training?

You don’t.

When you are ready, the teacher appears.


Your training has arrived and is here to quench your thirst.

I trust you have installed your portal by now.

The Metamorphosis is waiting.

Dive in with your merMAID tail spinning and splashing.

Ground your mortal feet into this earth and grab your staff.

The time is now.

The only way to LIGGHT up the uniVERSE is lighting up the creative seeds of expression bobbing forth.

Im talking about the vulva magic, the pussy power, pulsing outward from you.

STOP at once covering your beauty.

STOP at once covering your desires.

STOP at once covering your wonderment.

Reclaim the magic that it is to be a WOMBan and trust your ability and trust the Gods to show up, LIKE CLOCK WORK to TURN you on and TURN you UP.

You are not latent in your desires. you are not a drone of bleakness.

Step to the pole for the fancy dance with the DiVine.

Allow your body to be sculpted by the sculptor.

Allow your body to bend and flow around the hands of the pole.

If you are here now, this is it.

This is the agreement to receive this training.

As long as you are elevating you will surrender to these present truths at the portal:

I am a sovereign being with unlimited power. My very presence is a present from the divine, to the divine, in the present now.

There is no judgement in my tone, demeanor or thoughts when I am in the presence of my portal.

I am perfection created and the portal is where I go to refine that perfection.

Stretching into my greatness, gliding into my expansion.

THERE will be tension on my journey and I vow to surrender to IT and KNOW that it is for my refinement.

As I attune to a greater and greater playing fields; ( i.e. inner peace, outer beauty, pleasure over pain, abundance instead of poverty) beCOMEs my REALity.

Vow to surrender to the GREATNESS that you ALREADY ARE and allow yourself to MINED like a treasure cave.

say this out loud:

I was created in BLISS!

The sperm sprang forth racing to my mothers egg.


Celebrate ME!

I am here to RISE to my GREATNESS!!!!!!!!!!!


I am ready for my Mission!

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