Pole Yoga Tools

Find the latest Pole Yoga tools here. Poling at home has never been easier. Take your pole fitness practice to the next level with Polistic Plus Pole Yoga.

The Pole Yoga poster is the first “Pole at home” tool released by Polistic Plus.

This full size poster shows all 52  pole yoga poses, making it super easy to practice pole yoga at home.

Obesity, heart disease, cancer and depression all plague our society.

The pole is a portal to find harmony in the body.

Combat the negative side effects of daily life; sitting, driving, stress, with pole yoga.

The poster is fun for kids, too!

When my kids have friends over they all practice the poses and have so much fun.

The pole is the coolest “mom fitness too” on the market!

Transform your space with a pole and the pole yoga poster.

Not only does the pole help you reduce weight, it helps you find mental clarity and peace.

Don’t wait until you are sick and dying to take control of your health.

Taking the step to the pole is taking steps to preventative health care.

Polistic Plus Pole Yoga is the only pole fitness where the poler stays on the ground the entire session.

The pole is used as a balance and stability tool.

30 minutes a week is simple with the Pole Yoga poster!

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Showing 1–12 of 24 results